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Each player gets a say in how the Goblins scale the walls of the city, pooling their Havoc cards at the end of each round. As they are revealed, the next wave of Goblins will be on its way. Get too far ahead, and you might find that every single Goblin is headed for you, and nobody else is going to stop them. Keep an eye out for somebody who seems a little too happy when the Goblins crush the Towers and Markets of the Kingdom, they just might be holding the card that puts them in league with the little beasts. You can try to accuse them and steal their influence, but if you are wrong you’ll shame your own family name…

Every round begins with each player choosing a scheme for the round. You can take part in other player’s schemes, but get a bonus for the one you play. You can try to work together to choose schemes that will benefit everyone, but there is nothing holding you to your word…

Assume the role of head of one of the most influential families in the kingdom. A lying, cheating band of rogues and deviants who will stop at nothing to get the crown. You’ll be building up the city (as well as your coffers) to get influence to bid for the crown. As Goblins climb the walls and pour into the Kingdom, you’ll have to fight them off… or better yet, try to force everyone else to.  The more you spend on fighting off the Goblins, the less you’ll have to fight off each other.

Place buildings in the Kingdom, and place your Minions into any open buildings. Try to work your Minions in amongst your enemies’ so they have an incentive to defend you.

But someone will need to do the defending, or else the Goblins will press forward, destroying everything in their path. If they make it to the Castle in the center of the Kingdom, all is lost and the Goblins have won.

It’s a fight for control as you struggle to be crowned the next King. Build structures, place minions, and bid for positions of power in the kingdom.

But while you reach for the castle, keep your eyes on the walls. Goblins are running amok in the city, and if the get to the center, it’s all over for everyone

Except for the traitor in your midst who is rooting for the kingdom to fall…

CounterClockwork Games The Shadow Over Westminster

©2013 CounterClockwork Games.  All rights reserved.

Artwork by Scot Maupin