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Chanting cultists, terrifying creatures, and mysterious figures are all harbingers of the end of the world, and only the members of the Agency can stop it! Work together to develop investigative techniques and unlock ancient artifacts as you build your Agent’s deck in the quest to reveal the Cataclysm before it is too late to stop it.

Will you face the Ancient One that sleeps deep beneath the ocean’s surface, a hive mind that is taking control of human hosts, or perhaps a war between angels and demons that is spilling over into the earthly plane? You might even discover that one of your own Agents has betrayed you and is working against the rest of the team, trying to bring about the end of the world for their own dark purpose…

Encroaching darkness keeps the pressure on and makes player decisions feel important without being forced. Thought and teamwork is rewarded, but constantly having to weigh risk versus reward ensures there is never a single ‘right’ way to play.



Scales for 1-4 players to enjoy in 45-90 minutes.

Different-type card backs allow for more strategic planning. Investigations, Research, Disturbances and Exposure all combine to make up your Agent’s deck. You know what type of card you will draw next and can use that knowledge to your advantage.

The Reserve space gives you a way to save a card that can be of better use with a future hand. Don’t worry about having to waste a good ability just because it doesn’t fit into the plan for your current turn!



Traditional deck-building meets cooperative gameplay as Agents can interact with each other based on their locations. Work together to stop disturbances in the Underground, or use Abilities and Artifacts to affect everyone near you. Unless it turns out one of you is actually trying to bring about the end of the world for your own dark reasons…

Play as one of 8 Agents with their own abilities and special investigation cards and face one of 16 different Cataclysm scenarios offering up a variety of challenges.

You won’t know what terror you are facing until half way through the game, and then you’ll have to adapt your strategies to face it.

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